4 inch dust+hair remover & reusable stir stick. Made with extra thick 1/8 inch clear acrylic. The tipped end is perfect for getting those nasty hairs and dust specks that fall into your resin while pouring, and for stirring small cups of resin.  Incredibly durable and better than silicone for stirring due to its completely non-porous surface. The double hard edged, ultra smooth acrylic makes stirring go faster because it scrapes your cup sides better than wood or silicone, mixing your resin quicker and with less bubbles.  It also makes cleaning a breeze, and requires no solvents to wipe clean. Dried resin will pop off once cured, except on the engraved Mermaid Trash logo portion. 

4 inch Dust Remover & Reusable Acrylic Stir Stick