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Get cell effects and banish bubbles with the Mermaid Trash cell activator and bubble-popping spray, good for all epoxy resin brands.

Mermaid Trash cell activator and bubble popping spray is made from medical grade, pure 99% alcohol. This formula contains NO fillers or water, which many other over the counter alcohols are full of, making them unpredictable with epoxy resin. Mermaid Trash spray gives you the effects you want without any negative effects to your resin, like fish eyes or uneven surfaces. 


Simply spray in a sweeping motion 1-2 feet above your artwork after laying/blowing out colors to help active cells and lacing. You can also use a paintbrush to flick, tap, or find other creative ways to drop the solution onto your project to achieve different cell effects. The bigger the droplets, the bigger the cells!

To pop bubbles, mist your project in a sweeping motion.



Cell Activator & Bubble Popper Spray for Epoxy Resin

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