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Mermaid Trash Mission

My name is Lauren MacLeod and I was born and raised in Broward county, FL. I've spent my whole life on the beach, and have a profound love of the sea. I have grown to witness the changes caused by pollution and want to transition the way we handle Ocean waste, as well as promote Ocean conservation around the world!

I create unique Ocean inspired resin art and jewelry from recycled plastics collected on cleanups as well as reclaimed woods and other items. I also use Mermaid Trash to promote the education of art and environmentalism within my local community and on social media. It is my hope to change the way people think about plastic pollution by using the proceeds to fund more initiatives and Ocean cleanups. Every purchase from Mermaid Trash is a way to give back to the Ocean we all love so much, and that does so much for us.

We only have this one planet to live on, so preserving its beauty and function for next generations is the ultimate goal.

Monthly Donations

Mermaid Trash donates every month!

I now donate monthly to 3 Ocean conservation groups and support various initiatives throughout the year like, Strawless Summer, loggerhead turtle watch, and many more!

Every month, proceeds from Mermaid Trash go 4Ocean, Florida Springs Council, and the Ocean conservancy organization

Healthy oceans are critical for life on this planet. They provide the food we eat, the oxygen we breathe and their continued health depends on us.

We only have this one planet, and I want to help change the way we view and handle Ocean waste by giving it value and contributing to the worldwide removal of trash from our seas and coastlines. 

Im committed to making a change, and hope you will join me on this journey!

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