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  • News Report: UN seeks to protect world's Oceans

    Protect our oceans: Urgent UN treaty makes fifth attempt to safeguard the high seas On Monday, the UN began the latest set of talks to protect the world’s oceans from exploitation in New York. This once in a lifetime opportunity to safeguard our waters’ biodiversity has now been through 10 years of negotiations. But, if signed, 30 per cent of the world’s oceans would become conservation areas before the end of the decade. Mermaid Trash supports a variety of Ocean conservation organizations, and every sale from this site benefits the cleaning of our Oceans and coastlines. Why is the UN oceans treaty important? The high seas make up around two thirds of the world’s oceans. They are beyond the jurisdiction of any country meaning everyone has the right to fish, pass through in ships, do research there or even carry out deep sea mining. The new treaty would, in the words of the UN, “address the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in areas of the ocean which are beyond the limits of States' maritime zones.” This is the fifth - and hopefully final - set of negotiations to draft the first ever treaty on the ocean’s biological diversity. Original Content by: By Rosie Frost for• Updated: 20/08/2022 - 07:01

  • Seashell Coaster Tutorial

    Love collecting shells? Here's a great project using the new Mermaid Trash 32oz epoxy resin kit, to turn those moments on the beach into forever keepsakes 🥰 Check out the video below with step by step instructions and list of materials. For this project you'll need: Mermaid Trash epoxy resin 32 ounce kit. MT resin kits are for US customers only. BUT, if you want a little slice of Florida for your own mermaking creations, for a limited time only on the MT site, I have both Florida sand and seashells ready to ship anywhere in the world This 6 cavity mold. It's pretty inexpensive and is the perfect size for coasters Epoxy resin pigment in the color of your choice. I used Mermaid Trash pigment drops in turquoise because it's a nice light color you are able to see the shells through. If you use mica, it will be less visible. A selection of seashells and I also added these abalone chips: Some well dried beach sand. Cork bottom: Optional: Mermaid Trash foam or lace white pigment paste and silicone masking fluid: Instructions: Start by mixing up some epoxy resin. I did about 5 ounces. Then slowly add in the beach sand until it becomes a thick grainy mixture. Sand often darkens when you add it to resin. To keep my sand nice any light I add a small amount of foam or lace white to brighten it back up. Pour into your prepared mold and allow bubbles to rise. Torch or use alcohol (Mermaid Trash cell activator is the best!) Add in your seashells and allow the resin to reach about half cure, or enough so that the sand and shells don't rise up when you do the next step. Mix up some more resin and add in your pigment. Just a little at a time until you reach the desired color. Remember that you want to be able to see through to the color of the seashells below. Too much color and you'll cover them up. Pour this mixture over your sand and shells. Allow to cure completely before moving on. Demold coasters and lightly sand the top and sides. Tape off or use masking silicone on the bottom of the coaster to prevent drips Mix up one last batch of resin and apply a thick top coat to each coaster, pouring from the center and allowing the resin to spill over the edges. Once cured remove the tape or silicone and finish with a cork bottom! Enjoy the short video below and when shopping the Mermaid Trash website use code: savethesea for 10% off your entire purchase.

  • YouTube- Bamboo Stand with Resin Ocean Waves

    Turn a regular wooden phone stand into a slice of Ocean paradise! Join me, Lauren MacLeod, here at Mermaid Trash studios in Coral Springs Florida to transform this regular bamboo stand with Mermaid Trash Epoxy resin and pigments. Check out the video below! Find all the supplies over at and use coupon code savethesea for 10% off. Products used: Resin: Mermaid Trash 1:1 epoxy resin Pigments: In the Navy & Love Ocean No.9 pigment drops (coming to the site 8/22) as well as Sapphire Bay & Reflections Mica. Foam White pigment Paste. Phone stand found on amazon:

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  • Social | Mermaid Trash

    CONTACT US email- 10234 breezeway pl Boca Raton, FL 3428 ​ VISIT US On social media! IG- FB- TELL US Success! Message received. Send Latest resin art on IG!

  • Resin Calculator | Mermaid Trash

    How much resin will you need? Enter your project dimensions below in inches and select how deep your pour will be. Most resins self-level at 1/8 inch per layer. Epoxy Resin Calculator: (Length)x(Width)x(depth of pour)=Total/1.805 ​ Message from - It’s best to consider any epoxy coverage calculator a good starting point, but there are other factors and variables that might impact how much epoxy you will need. Porous surfaces that require a seal coat will increase the amount of resin needed. How are you handling the edges of the surface? You will need more if you are allowing epoxy to run over the edges, compared to building a dam or wall. And, you’ll probably lose a little to mixing or overflow. For most epoxy applications, 5-10% extra should be added to account for the inevitable wasted epoxy that stays on the stir stick, or stays in the bottom corners of the mixing cup, or accidental drips.

  • Films & Stickers | Mermaid Trash

    Films & Stickers Vinyl stickers and transparencies perfect for your next project! Sort by Quick View Scissor for Clear Film Sheets Price $5.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Nurse Shark Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $8.50 Quick View Clear Film Sheet-Nurse Shark Duo Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Sea Turtles Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Hammerhead Sharks Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $8.50 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Mermaid Teal Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Mermaid Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Mermaid Silhouettes Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet-Narwhal Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Whale Shark Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $8.50 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Manta Rays Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $8.50 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Ship Wrecks Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Dolphins Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $8.50 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Spotted Stingray Regular Price $10.00 Sale Price $8.50 Quick View Clear Film Sheet-Free Diver & Scuba Silhouettes Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Male Diver Price $10.00 Quick View Clear Film Sheet- Female Diver Price $10.00 Quick View Sea Turtle Sticker Sheet Price $8.00 Quick View Nurse Shark Sticker Sheet Price $8.00 Quick View Multi Shark Sticker Sheet Price $12.00

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