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*All Memorial Artworks ship FREE within the US*


When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. Here at Mermaid Trash, artist Lauren MacLeod has developed a unique way of infusing cremations with epoxy resin in order to make custom Ocean inspired artworks that can be treasured forever.


Each artwork is handmade in the Mermaid Trash studio from start to finish by artist Lauren with the cremated remains of your loved one, and is a truly unique and beautiful way to memorialize any lover of the sea.


About the artwork:

  • Created on premier wood panels that feature a 4 mm basswood surface that resists splitting and bubbling, cradled with a highly stable solid pine frame that won't warp or bend.


  • A 1.25-inch profile makes it ready to hang flush to the wall using only a single nail or screw — no frame needed.


  • Prized for their strength, stability, and perfect smoothness, hardwood panels have been a popular painting support since the 14th century, and ensure the durability of artwork for decades to come. 


  • Each detail will be painted or created from scratch by artist Lauren MacLeod using top of the line products that are archival and UV resistant.


  • Remains are handled with gloves and care at all times. Ashes are mixed with epoxy resin and real Florida sand, then will be encased and sealed onto the artwork. This is usually done in several layers to ensure adhesion and allows the viewer to touch the artwork and remains without actually coming into contact.



How to Order:

  • Choose your size panel in the options section to begin. 


  • Colors, composition, sand textures, as well as the edition of island formations, specific geographic regions, and realistic foliage, can be customized to your specifications. Please list as many requirements as you like in the notes section of the order. Lauren will take into consideration all the design elements you may want for your artwork and do her best to communicate what is possible with you. Lauren will work closely with you via email to achieve the best possible outcome for your design. Please make sure you use a good email in the order so that she may communicate with you. 


Shipping Remains:

  • The amount of ashes you'd like to include in a piece is up to you, but generally, only approx 1 tablespoon is needed. When pieces are complete, if there are any remains left over, you may choose to have them shipped back to you or they can be released into the Ocean at Deerfield Beach, FL by artist Lauren free of charge.


  • Once your order is placed, It is recommended to ship remains in a double-bagged ziplock. Please include your order number and any relevant information you would like Lauren to have such as the name of your loved one.


  • Please choose priority shipping with tracking and confirmation of delivery or signature service. 


Additional Information:

  • The artworks pictured in this listing are a representation of what your piece could look like. They are all previous works that have been created by Lauren. You may also want to look through the current original art listings as well as the previous works section of this website for more inspiration. Lauren encourages you to save the pictures of artworks you like best, so that you may show them to her.  


  • All measurements listed are in inches. Artworks can be created vertically or horizontally. If you have a preference, please list it in the order notes. Lauren will email you within 48hrs after you purchase a custom item to talk about your one of a kind creation.


  • Here are some standard sizes of wall art to hang above furniture in your home and there is a chart in the listing pictures above to help guide you. 


Twin bed, choose art that’s between 22-30” wide.

Full bed, choose art that’s between 30-41” wide.

Queen bed, choose art that’s between 34-45” wide.

King bed, choose art that’s between 43-57” wide.

For art above a fireplace, match the width of the art to the width of the fireplace opening.

For a 96” sofa, get 54-72” art.

For a 72” sofa, get 41-54” art.

For a 60” table, choose art that’s between 34-45” wide.


- Prices are based on a calculated price per square foot 

- Custom orders can take anywhere from 30-90 days to create once cremated ashes arrive at the Mermaid Trash studio. depending on Lauren's production schedule. Lauren will keep you updated on every element of the production of your artwork from beginning to end. 

- The calculated shipping weight you will be charged upon checkout is based on previous artworks that have sold in that size range. Depending on the final weight of the piece and its size, there may be additional shipping charges. We try to always avoid any additional charges to you, and will usually incur small differences in cost. However, if there is a significant overage in shipping you will be notified and billed through PayPal for the difference. This must be paid before any artwork is shipped.


-Larger pieces over the size of 24x48 are subject extra handing fees due to their size and weight. Any additional fee by the shipping company (Usually UPS)  can be calculated once the piece is completed and weighed. Shipping options for international orders on larger artworks can be arranged per the customer's preference via private freight, and insured shipment options. Any additional charge will be subject to payment before the item will ship. No exceptions

* There are NO refunds or exchanges on original artwork.


- Ship remains once your order is placed to the Mermaid Trash studio and clearly label them with your name, order number and name of the deceased:


Mermaid Trash

10234 Breezeway Pl

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Memorial Art- Custom Cremation Ashes- Epoxy Resin Ocean Wall Art

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