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Create flowing resin art with the Mod Podge Resin River Pouring Plaque! This unique unfinished wooden plaque allows you to fill the hollowed-out, river-shaped space with resin and color for a stunning flowing art piece. Use the Mermaid Trash Artist 2-Part Resin Kit to design a beautiful river scene or simply fill with resin and embed your favorite trinkets. Add color and movement to your epoxy resin design with Mermaid Trash pigments.

This plaque is easy to paint, decoupage, embed, acrylic paint pour, and so much more. Take your resin supplies to the next level when you use Mermaid Trash plus the Mod Podge Resin River Pouring Plaque.


This plaque measures 10" x 12" x .31"

3D Resin Pouring Surface - River Plaque

PriceFrom $10.99
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