Beginner's Resin course! Downloadable 35-page pdf with 7 video tutorials and projects!!!!


Learning to work with epoxy resins is no easy task! Take a lot of the guesswork out with this complete and comprehensive guide by artist Lauren MacLeod, for those just beginning their journey with epoxy resins!

In this course you will learn everything you need to select your first epoxy resin and get through your first project with amazing results. This is also a great guide for those who have already had some experience and is looking for guidance and tips from a pro mentor.


What you will receive:


32 page PDF course with links to download 7 video tutorials and projects!!!!!  



-Supply list explained & selecting your resin and pigments.

-Mixing epoxy resin, tools needed and what mediums you can pour on.

- Pro pouring tips, lacing, cell effects and making it though your first project. (learn how to make Mermaid Trash waves!)

- Resin painting techniques- Lacing, marbling, puddle pours and BONUS- Ocean waves


Downloadable pdf:


  • 1 What is Epoxy Resin?

  • 2 Application of Resin in Art

  • 3 Supplies for the Resin Art

  • 4 Properties and Applications of different Resin Products

  • 5 Which Painting Grounds are suitable for Resin Epoxy Art?

  • 6 Which Colours and Additives are suitable for Resin Art?

  • 7 Calculation of the Required Amount of Resin

  • 8 How do you get Cells in your Resin Epoxy Art?

  • 9 Achieve Effects

  • 10 How do you prevent Resin from “boiling”?

  • 11 What to do against Air Bubbles?

  • 12 Resin processing Time

  • 13 Picture Composition

  • 14 Instructions for creating your first Resin Painting

  • 15 How do you clean your Casting Tools?

  • 16 How do you clean Sticky Hands?

  • 17 What to do if your Painting shows damaged Areas?

  • 18 Casting further Resin Layers

  • 19 Difficulties with Resin Epoxy Art

  • 20 Safety measures when working with Resin


Beginners Resin Course