1.7ounce jar. Thick and creamy resin pigment paste in Foam white. This is a pigment concentrate, so a little goes a long way!


A secret blend of resin epoxy base, mica pigments, and thicking agents. Has the perfect consistency right out of the bottle for PERFECT and EFFORTLESS cells and lacing when heat is applied.


Foam and Lace both contain the purest, cosmetic and food grade titanium dioxide. Since everybody has a different kind of resin with various viscosities, I made two formulas which will give different effects. Lace contains a 1/1 ratio of pigment and is light enough to give cell effects in lower viscosity (thinner) resins. Foam contains a 2/1 ratio of pigment and is more dense, and suited for mid-high viscosity resins. BOTH, however can be used in either type of resin to achieve different effects....i.e- Foam used in low viscosity resins will sink more and vice versa for Lace.


Add up to 2-15% in your resin mixture to achieve different tones of opacity from milky to bold white! Mix with other colors to get incredibly opaque pastels! Ability to mix with other acrylic-based pigments, ink, and mica.


Foam White Resin Pigment Paste

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Foam White
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