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All my favorite colors of the Winter Ocean, including 4 ALL NEW colors, ONLY available in this set!


10 Generous 2 gram bags, each with enough pigment power to color a .5 gallon of epoxy resin. However it can be used for an array of projects, whether you love creating beautiful cold process, hot process or melt and pour soaps, sugar scrubs, paints, wax melts, or your own unique cosmetics, you will love Mermaid Trash pigments to get colors that pop with beautiful brilliance.


Mermaid Trash Micas are tried and true pigment powders and are produced by directly depositing light absorbing iron oxides into colorfast titanium dioxides to form the pigment. Light can be seen from the reflection angle and the absorbing colors can be viewed from side/dispersion angles. They retain their ultra-bright colors with lower mica usage rates for a longer lasting product.


- 100% vegan friendly, cruelty free


Product Details:

10 bags of Pigment Powder

Brilliant Color

Colors Include: Penguin, reflections, man-o-war, orca, submarine, cape cod, stream, golden halo, mystic halo, mint halo

Cosmetic Grade, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free

10g of Mica per bag

Resealable bag

Batch Consistency

Particle Size: 10-60uM (pH 6-9)Safe Use: (Face, Eyes, Lips)

Contains: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide

Limited Edition Winter Mica Sample Set of 10

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