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Step up your resin game! Literally lol. This set of 3 premium silicone molds feature a 2-part casting system. Create endless island color combinations. To create with this mold, first, pour the resin into the island formation. You can dust your molds with mica or pour pigmented resin right into it. Once that piece is fully cured, transfer it into the smooth pendant shape and cover it with clear resin. 


I always recommend using a good mold release whenever pouring resin into silicone molds. Wash with warm soap and water, avoid scrubbing or scratching the mold surface. If you have resin that will not release, use your heat gun to gently release your project from the mold. Sizes are pictured above. Returns or refunds on torn molds will not be accepted.  

Set of 3 Island Pendant Silicone Mold

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