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45ml Highly pigmented acrylic resin ink drops. Non fading & UV resistant. Mermaid Trash acrylic resin ink has the best of both worlds: the fluidity of inks and the high pigmentation that you expect from pigment pastes and acrylic paint. This is because Mermaid Trash acrylic resin ink is an extremely fluid form of acrylic paint suitable for use in resin done by combining fine organic pigments with an acrylic resin emulsion to create a unique product.


Completely solvent free, this fluid ink can be mixed with water and other acrylic mediums to paint or draw with.


For use in resin, this unqiue acrylic ink ranges from transparent to completely opaque depending on how much you add to your mixture. For translucent results, less than a drop is needed. Up to 15% can be added into your mixture for completly opaque results. 

Sunset Orange Resin Pigment Drops

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