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How to use Mermaid Trash clear transparency film sheets in your resin projects

Using my Mermaid Trash clear film sheets is super easy, but there are a couple of tips I want to share with you to maximize your success and to make them look as realistic as possible in your projects!

  1. I find the using a small curved scissors works best like a cuticle cutter. These films must be cut out are are NOT transfers or waterslides.

  2. Cut as close to the image as possible to eliminate any clear film from showing in your project when light reflects on it in certain angles. This gives the most realistic appearance.

  3. Place the cut out in your semi cured resin, or add a dab of fresh resin onto a cured surface to act as a glue. Make sure you press down on it from one end to the other to remove any bubble that may be trapped under the surface.


Most popular film sheets

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