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Art Meets Ocean Conservation!

Handmade artworks & carefully curated art supplies with FREE shipping on orders over $100

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Resin artwork ocean starfish

Original Artworks

The latest Ocean inspired works by artist Lauren MacLeod

Epoxy Resin pigment and art supplies

Resin Art Supplies

Shop the Mermaid Trash collection of pigments and art supplies

The Mission

Mermaid Trash wants to change how the world thinks about Ocean pollution and in what way it will affect future generations. Artist Lauren MacLeod, creates one of a kind jewelry, original art, and boutique art supplies. The proceeds from sales then benefit beach cleanups and environmental conservation initiatives.  

Your Part

By purchasing Mermaid Trash art or art supplies, you will actively be helping to remove waste from our coastlines and Oceans. It is a representation of your commitment to be a part of the change. Display, or create your art with pride and bring awareness to the dangers of Ocean pollution. 

Mermaid Trash Ocean conservation

Every purchase from Mermaid Trash benefits the cleaning of our Ocean and coastlines!

Symbolizes your commitment to help end Ocean pollution.

Every purchase from Mermaid Trash matters!

Handmade art and carefully curated art supplies are meant to reflect the beauty of the Ocean. 

Funds the cleaning of our Oceans, and coastlines, as well as help to promote local environmental conservation initiatives. 

Art Fun

Free Resources

Come read our latest articles, geared to help you with all your resin questions. 



New to resin/fluid art? Come browse my online courses & tutorials for resin artists.

Featured Items


Mermaid Trash epoxy resin recycled plastic jewelry

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