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The Mission

I want to change the way we think about Ocean pollution and how it will affect future generations. Mermaid Trash collects plastics and waste from the beach and creates one of a kind jewelry and art. The proceeds then benefit more beach cleanups and environmental conservation initiatives.  

Your Part

By purchasing a piece of Mermaid Trash jewelry or art, you will actively be helping to remove waste from our coastlines and Ocean. It is a representation of your commitment to be apart of the change. Wear or display your art with pride to bring awareness to the dangers of Ocean pollution. 

Mermaid Trash Ocean conservation

Symbolizes your commitment to help end Ocean pollution.

Every purchase from Mermaid Trash matters!

Simply stated jewelry and art designs men't to reflect the beauty of the Ocean. 

Funds the cleaning of our Oceans coastline and helps promote environmental conservation initiatives. 

Every purchase from Mermaid Trash will benefit the cleaning of our Ocean and coastlines!


Are you looking for a unique piece of Ocean inspired art for your home? I take a select amount of commission work throughout the year for unique requests and larger pieces.  If you are interested in having a creation made just for you, please contact me directly through the email link below. 

Mermaid Trash Ocean wave resin painting


Mermaid Trash epoxy resin recycled plastic jewelry
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